It’s a quick sketch in pen but I like the balance of light and shadow. And weirdly, I like that it isn’t neat.




19 thoughts on “#10

    • I see now 🙂 This is how I usually draw when I’m drawing off the top of my head(if that makes sense) so it tends to be raw and sketchy and I prefer these in-the-moment sketches to my other neater ones, so I’m glad someone else does as well! I really appreciate your comments!

    • Thanks a lot! I’ve actually been nominated by two other bloggers already and I just haven’t got round to finishing the post. But thanks anyway, I’ll link you and answer your questions!

      • I totally understand the getting around to finishing the post. Ahyaya it’s a lot of work. Congrats on your nominations and don’t worry about following up on mine. I think you’ve got a cool blog. I love you sketches!

      • No, it’s ok, I just had a quick look at the link. I’m happy you took the time to nominate me so I’ll reply to your questions as long as there aren’t any repeats. Might be a while though, I have exams coming up. Thanks again!

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