7 thoughts on “Thanks for the (2nd) Liebster award!

  1. Great job. It was interesting to find out your home is India, but you’re living in London. Thank you for following through on my nomination too.:-)

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  3. Hi V!!! (looking for a way to contact you on your other blog I saw your real name, but in case you want the anonymate, I don’t write it here hahaha)… First, let me say I absolutely L-I-K-E all your answers, it seems like you’re a real cool person, I don’t know, but somehow, I felt I was at a cafe with you in a very amazing conversation… Second, I love India, in fact, is the second of my top 5 places I’ve wanted to visit: http://agarmontconfession.com/2014/04/23/dreamplacestovisit/

    Third, I really enjoy reading your other blog, and the “She Thought So”… Anyway I’m starting writing so much hahaha…

    Big hugs for you, and I hope we can chat sometime, I don’t have a friend from India, and I’ll absolutely adore if you can tell me more about your country…

    xx… Eli!

    • Hiya!! V is fine, but you can call me Ace as well, and I’m glad you didn’t use my full name 🙂 Wow that’s such a nice thing to say! I’m really glad you think I’m a cool person 😀

      The cafe feel is exactly what I was going for-I wanted it to feel as if I was having a real conversation or interview with you, cause that’s more personal right? Rather than long winded considered answers that were really safe, I wrote down exactly what I would say to you if we met in person and you asked me that, because I thought my personality would show more that way. They’re all first impression responses, if you know what I mean, so that’s what I’m like in reality 😉 so despite that thanks for saying that I’m pretty cool! Did you read my answers to the other questions as well? More of my personality starts showing there.

      About India, I will say first of all that I haven’t actually lived there for a long time even though we go there often and own two houses there. I live in London now but I’m still Indian, y’know so free to ask/talk to me about anything like that!

      I’m glad you enjoyed ‘She Thought So’! It’s a joint blog but it’s on a hiatus now because both of us are very busy. Did you see my own other blog called Musings of a Young Adult? I hate advertising but if you liked that, this blog is more of the same 🙂 haha I’m always happy to see long comments-it makes me feel like you have so much to say about what I’ve put up and that you care enough to say it out loud!

      I hope we can have a good chat as well! It seems like we would have plenty to talk about! Feel free to drop me an email at the address you saw my real name from ;P

      -The Ace

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